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car, technology is making vehicles safer and easier to drive, and with
automakers introducing so many new features.
advancements in car technology are making vehicles safer and more comfortable
to drive.  This is bringing about a challenge
for consumers to know which option could matter most.  With such latest technologies, car buyers are
getting surprised at what they are recently finding in the new 2019 market.
Thus, editors at auto traders have considered this and put together some of
their top and best automotive technologies picks. They include:

1. Road scanning
Road scanning uses cameras to search
imperfections ahead of the road and automatically adjust the vehicle’s
suspension to account for them. Among the leading cars in this technology is
the new Mercedes-Benz’ Magic Body Control. This system, although not yet widely
available, can deliver a smoother, quieter ride and should be considered for
vehicles of high-end.
2. Exit warning to protect cyclists
Automakers have begun to address the
danger faced by cyclists. Risks such as unexpected door spell doom for cyclists
occurs which injures any hapless passenger. Thus the introduction of
rear-looking sensors is available which detect approaching bicycles and
traffic. This system has sensors to prevent any danger. If they are ignored, it
will lock the door and prevent it from being swung open into the path of
approaching the object.

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3. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
This system requires one to plug in a
smartphone and take over the big screen, replacing it with something that looks
more familiar and easy to use. This system controls stereo, navigation, and
climate control. It has a simplified control scheme to access music, maps, and
other in-built control features.
4. Adaptive cruise control
Using an array of sensors built into
the car, adaptive cruise control can match a cars’ speed ahead. This means as a
driver; you don’t need to hit the gas and brake in highway traffic continually.
5. Rear cross-traffic alert
This system is so useful where sites
for parking lots are widespread. The process of backing out of a parking spot
causes pricey car crashes. This inbuilt car system alerts you of the
approaching vehicles, shopping carts, or pedestrians who might wander behind
your car without you noticing.
6. Connected mobile apps
Smartphones have changed everything,
including how we interact with our vehicles. Some vehicles got a connected
smartphone app. They help one to remotely lock and unlock doors, check the
status of things like fuel and tire pressure. They can start a car to warm
things up on a cold winter’s morning.
7. Teen driver technology
 Several vehicles have this type of technology
which notifies you if the car is driven over a certain speed, disable the
stereo if seatbelts aren’t used and even keep the radio from being turned up
past seven- full blast.
8. Stolen vehicle tracking software
Automakers have a solution for the
stolen vehicles.  The system has the
ability for the stolen car or truck telling the law enforcement when and where
it is being held. It is bundled into vehicles assistance and security systems
such as BMWs.
9. Lane departure warning
It uses cameras to determine if a car
has drifted across a marked lane line. It gives an audible or visual notification
that you have crossed the borders. It turns itself off when using a
directional, so no fear of accidental engagements.
10. Automatic emergency braking
AEB uses a variety of sensors to
determine if a forward collision crash is imminent and automatically applies
the brake diminishing and avoiding entire accidents.

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