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2016 BMW 7 Series

Remote controlled parking and a host of other innovations in the upcoming 2017 BMW 7 series has stirred much excitement about it. The world-renowned German manufacturer is expected to make use of innovative technology, both in the exterior and interior, to win over the hearts of car lovers with their new edition.

In the latest BMW 7 series, BMW fully embraces the remote-controlled parking technology. Owners will be able to maneuver the luxury car in and out of parking spaces with help of buttons present on the key fob.
While this will come as an optional feature—and expensive one at that—many car lovers would love to have it as now at a push of button the car could be parked in or taken out of ultra-tight spaces. You probably would not want to remote drive the sedan, though. This is because the automatic feature at present functions only at lower speeds.
What else is new and impressive?
The back of the front wheel arches will feature air breathers in the 2017 BMW 7 series. The feature will help reduce turbulence affecting wheel housings. Other impressive features include LED tail lighting, well-sculpted surfaces, and laser headlight lighting.
The next flagship of BMW is all set to ride on an all-new platform, which is made using materials that are lightweight like carbon fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum. Unsurprisingly, thanks to the use of these lightweight materials, the new model will weigh as many as 300 pounds lighter than its predecessor. Thanks to the lighter weight, all the new models of 7 series will give a better mileage.
There are speculations that the new edition will feature iDrive infotainment. iDrive separates steering and display and is an easy and innovative way of controlling information, navigation function, entertainment, and communication. In the latest edition, you will be able control it using touchscreen, hand gestures, and, of course, the familiar control knob that is there in most current BMW models. The 2017 BMW 7 series will be the first one to feature the multifunctional iDrive.

However, the company is expected to add it to all of its new SUVs and cars in future.

The 7-series models will include a twelve-, six-, and a four-cylinder engine. Like before, the company will offer long-wheelbase as well as short-wheelbase configuration. With that said, according to the BMW blog, the company will release on the long-wheelbase in the US market.
The wait for the 2017 BMW 7 series is almost over. The company is all set to make the latest edition cars available in Germany by September 2016. BMW fans in the US, however, will have to wait slightly longer. The 7 series will be released in rest of the Europe and the US around the same time during Christmas.   

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