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2016 BMW X6

For the cost of
$74,500.00, on average, you can get the mighty BMW X6 that has the standard BMW
X6 xDrive50i characteristics, including the 4.4L V-8 445hp Twin Power Turbo
engine which allows this car to achieve high speeds and have excellent uphill
driving strength.
If even that isn’t good enough
for you, you might want to get the BMW X6 M version with the supercharged 4.4
V8 with 537hp, going 0-60mph in only 4s! The M version will set you back at
least $102,200.00, or even more if you go for some additional options. The way
this SUV looks, it is somewhere between an SUV and a normal sports coupe car,
as it is not so large in size nor is the roof as lifted as on the other
previously mentioned SUVs.

Except for looks, other
characteristics of this car indicate that there is no doubt about it being an
SUV. Safety measures such as the 4-wheel anti-lock brake system will improve
your driving experience and make your trips in wet weather conditions much
safer and stress-free. There are airbags on the sides (in case or a rear end
crash) and overhead, as well as the airbag occupancy sensor. Adding to the
comfort while driving in this vehicle there is the automatic air conditioning,
which means the temperature is always pleasant regardless of the time of the day
or year. This is a 5-seat sports car, so if you have more than 3 children, this
car might be too small for you. But this is definitely a car that many people,
male or female, dream about having.

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