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2017 BMW 5-series Sedan Features and Specifications

BMW will be unveiling the seventh generation 5 series over
the next summer. The manufacture of this 5 series started in 1972 and it is
with no doubt that his executive and luxury car has proved to among the most
iconic automobiles that have ever been built. BMW have had it as the second
best-selling model after the 3 series model. Additionally, is has been
available in three variants; there is the Gran Turismo, the sedan and touring.

2017 BMW 5-series
Sedan Features and Specifications

The new 2017 BMW 5-series will come with a couple of amazing
features that will hold your breath. However, some of the current designs in
BMW are still reflected in the G30 5 Series. This includes parts like the
headlights, into the kidney grille even the character line that flows across
the side of the car.
Some of the notable changes in the new generation include an
advancement in the front fascia; it will incorporate some chrome elements which
completes it sporty and premium look.
There will be a new feature of LED lights for the
headlights, and they will also offer an option for laser lights. Inside the
cabin of the Sedan, we will come across the new iDrive infotainment system that
will come with a touchscreen and gesture-based functions. We will also notice
the gesticulation control, remote parking with smart touchscreen keyfob,
ambient light, Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround music system and fragrance
air conditioning system.

The vehicle will not only be lighter but will have stiffer
chassis made from a combination of aluminum carbon-fire, high-strength steel,
and magnesium. The company opted to maintain the layout look of the car since
they have noted that the target market and customers are not so much into
radical changes. As a result, the new 2017 generation model will be ready with
measurements of 4.9 meters long, and close to 1.9 meters wide. The measurement
is quite close to the predecessor 7-series. The exterior layout and size gives
and ample passenger space in the interiors.
We should expect to wait for a plethora of turbocharged
four- and six- petrol and diesel engine under the hood. A plug-in hybrid that
uses the x5 xDrive40’s powertrain and a twin-turbocharged V8 for the
range-topping m5.
There is not enough information about this, but it is
anticipated that the car will have some sophisticated features. Feature such as
the two-axle air suspension, laser-based headlight, four-wheel steering,
digital infotainment system are among the amazing features the car will be
bringing forth.

BMW 5-Series Sedan
Price and Release Date

The pricing of the vehicle will slightly be higher than the
2015 5-Series the price might start 50,900 and will be sold as the 2017 model.

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