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2017 Cadillac ATS will offer more value for the buck

The 2017 Cadillac ATS offers
more in almost every area in comparison its predecessor, 2016 ATS. You can
expect more mileage, more options, and greater horsepower in the yet-to-be
released version. With better features and enhanced looks, the company aims to
attract more customers to ATS, which is already a high-selling car.
Launched in 2013, ATS
immediately caught the attention of the consumers, thanks to its providing a
great combination of affordability, luxury, safety, and features. With the new
edition, the company is aiming to comfortably nudge past competition in this
& Specifications
The 2017 Cadillac ATS boasts of
features and specifications that are as good as the best premium cars. Its
design, built, and specifications are comparable with the most intelligently-engineered
cars in the business.
One new feature that will
please consumers is the Android Auto. This feature will be present in every
Cadillac CUE system. Thanks to it, car owners will be able to enjoy
uninterrupted access of Android applications as well as other data stored in
their smart phone.
Two areas in which the new
model scores heavily over its predecessors is safety and precision. In the base
model you will find a 2.5 liter engine (4-cylinder). The 2017 Cadillac ATS will
also have a turbocharged model, which will feature a 272-hp engine. All the
models will have six-speed automatic. Rear wheel drive too will be something
that will be present in each model. Those purchasing the turbocharged model
will have an additional option of upgrading to six-speed automatic. These
buyers, if they want more, would also be able to opt for 4-wheel drive.
The new model will house all
standard features. The list includes Onstar Navigation, rear-view cameras,
crash sensors, hands-free calling, and many other features. You wouldn’t have
to worry about fuel efficiency. Just like previous versions of Cadillac ATS,
the latest version also is expected to deliver respectable mileage. In the
city, you can expect it to give about 23 mpg, which is about just as much as
other top cars in its price range deliver. If you are driving it on highway,
expect it deliver over 30 mpg, maybe even 35 mpg.
& Release Date
With the new edition, the
company is focusing on providing car buyers more for less. That is, while the 2017
Cadillac ATS is tipped to offer more and better features than its competitors,
its price is estimated to less than other high-end cars. Its competitive
pricing is in line with the company’s strategy to push its popularity even
further by offering car owners more value for their buck.
The base model is expected to
carry a price tag of $42,700. For the fully-equipped premium model, you will
have to shell out considerably more. It is likely to cost $59,000. Consumers in
the US will be able to get their hands on the new edition somewhere towards the
end of 2016 or beginning of 2017.

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