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2017 Cadillac CTS

Some cars upon their launch
change the way consumers perceive their whole brand—and Cadillac CTS is one of
such type. Predictability could well have been the middle name of Cadillac
before they brought out CTS in the market. Earlier their cars, while popular,
were extremely predictable, besides being boring and bulky. However, CTS
changed all this. It was like a breath of fresh air amidst the longish, boring
Cadillac cars. Featuring sedan as well as sports model, the Cadillac CTS
instantly hit the right notes with the car lovers.

With the new 2017 Cadillac CTS,
the company is expected to raise the bar to an all-new level in this niche.
Available in three models, the standard, the sporty Vsport, and the
sport-premium Vsport premium, the new edition of CTS is expected to become one
of the most successful new cars of 2017.
& Specifications
The 2017 Cadillac CTS will come
with all top qualities of its predecessor, plus a lot new qualities that will
make it a top-rated car of 2017. It is expected that the new edition will be
updated with a lot of new options to ensure it provides great value for money
to the consumer. Speculation is that it can be given a mid-cycle enhancement
(also known as MCE). This will mean revisions both inside and outside the car. In
addition to these updates, the new version is likely to also feature autonomous
driving technology. Apart from all of these, you can expect to find all
standard features in the latest edition, like safety features, leather
interior, economy, power, and many more.
The standard sedan model comes
equipped with a 4-cylinder 2 liter engine which will have the maximum output of
273 horsepower. The engine used is tipped as a solid combination of raw power
and fuel economy. You should not have a problem getting the sedan to record 21
mpg in the city. The fuel economy on the highway should not be less than 30
mpg—and that’s pretty good going.
Those who like sporty luxurious
sedans would want to check out the other two models of 2017 Cadillac CTS: the
Vsport premium and Vsport. Thanks to a powerful V6 turbocharged 3.6 liter
engine capable of delivering 420 horsepower, both these models are high on
Newer Cadillacs, all of them,
feature an ultra-practical and all-inclusive electronics package called the
Cadillac CUE system. It features not only Bluetooth technology,
Android-compatible software, GPS, but also a feature that keeps you updated on
the go.

& Release Date

You will have to shell out
$44,100 for the standard model. The premium model with all the amenities will
cost about $75,000. The 2017 Cadillac CTS is expected to be released between
the end of December 2016 and the middle of January 2017. The vehicle is
expected to generate a lot of interest as its release date gets nearer, as it
is one of the top cars to be released in 2017.

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