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2018 Jeep Liberty first look – full specs and reviews

As the segment of compact and sub-compact crossovers is booming,
Jeep is looking forward to joining this line-up. Recently, the news of a 2018 Jeep Liberty has been doing rounds on the
internet and fortunately, several car experts and tipsters have been able to
shed some light on this.
The 1st generation Jeep Liberty
entered into production in 2001 and was later released as a 2002 year model. It
was in 2012 when Jeep decided to discontinue this compact SUV. Although the
automaker hasn’t come up with any official confirmation, the possibilities of a
new generation Jeep Liberty is definitely tantalizing.

2018 Jeep Liberty Rumors:
What’s interesting is that car-paparazzi have been lucky enough
to come across a test mule that hints a 2018 generation Jeep Liberty. As
expected, the test mule had been heavily camouflaged to keep the changes in
secrecy. What looked like the all-new 2018 Jeep Liberty,
the silhouette was completely different from the 2012 model. It is conclusive
that this 2018 version is bringing along quite a few changes.
Unlike the boxy 2012 Jeep Liberty, the new model will get smooth
body curves like that of Jeep Cherokee. Moreover, the test mule hints a smooth
sloping roof line which is nothing like in the previous Liberty. Experts have
predicted that chrome accents will be used extensively for stylistic detailing
throughout the body. All the exterior changes will be done not just for a
cosmetic makeover but will also help in improving performance. Expect its
aerodynamics design to substantially reduce drag. Many features will be
borrowed from 
new Jeep Compass 2018 model.
Nothing has been sourced out regarding the interior cabin of
this 2018 Jeep Liberty. But as to what the experts say, a
slew of technological features will be presented. Tipsters have gone on to say
that the infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen display will presumably
come standard in every trim.
The telescopic
steering will incorporate several controls for the driver’s convenience. Also,
as per speculations, this interior cabin will get heavily bolstered with sporty
seats. Confirmation about leather upholstery being available as standard is yet
to be made official.
2018 Jeep Liberty Powertrain Options
Changes will make its way into the powertrain of this 2018 Jeep Liberty too as a 1.4 liter MultiAir 4
cylinder engine is suspected. This engine might have its power outputs as 160
HP. Torque figure may stand at 184 lb-ft. Another engine in the option will be
a 2.4 liter inline 4 unit which will churn out a torque of 175 lb-ft and a
power of 180 HP.
The highest output
torque of 260 lb-ft and a power of 138 HP will be delivered by a 2.0 liter
turbocharged diesel burner. Unfortunately, this engine might only be available
in overseas models.
2018 Jeep Liberty Competition, Release Date and Price
As speculated by experts, this new generation Jeep Liberty will
be targeted to compete with the likes of 
Kia Sportage,
Toyota RAV4 and Nissan Qashqai. To surpass competitors, the price of this 2018 Jeep Liberty will be kept in check and might
start at around $25,800. Jeep might release this compact SUV during the 2nd half of 2017 or probably during the 1st quarters of 2018.

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