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4 Technological Advances Guaranteed to Improve Your Driving Experience and Safety

When it comes to driving, modern day vehicle manufacturers are constantly making technological improvements to their models, in a bid to enhance comfort, driving experience and safety for their customers. Since their invention in 1886, car usage and ownership has continued to rise gradually. In Kenya, as of 2016, there were 2,839,463 registered vehicles. However, improper driver behaviour or the use of roadworthy vehicles has brought about thousands of accident-related deaths. Increased population growth in towns whose jurisdictions lack enough space and funds to build more roads is another rising concern.

Luckily, technology has risen to the occasion. In a bid to redefine mobility for the coming century, automobile companies are partnering with tech giants such as Google, to create cars that promote safer driving despite the driver’s behaviour. And get this, not only do technologically advanced cars make roads safer by preventing accidents, they are convenient, they optimize the utilization of road through real-time traffic management and they also double down on environmental impacts of driving. You might be wondering which are these tech advancements and how exactly do they work? Well, read on and watch your eyes light up with excitement.
Cruise Control Technology
This is a technology that involves installation of sensors in the car to control speed automatically. The initial ones installed were used in maintaining the car at a fixed speed till the driver regains control by pressing a button.
Advancement in the technology has enabled further improvements. Cars can slow down or accelerate or even break completely automatically depending on the distance away from the car in front of it. The automatic braking system helps reduce accidents since distance computations are done by sensors; ensuring breaking is done at the correct distance. 

It has also helped relieve traffic-related stress that involves driving while stopping often. With adaptive cruise control, you just rest on your seat as the car automatically moves and stops depending on traffic flow.
Keyless Car Technology
It’s quite a hustle trying to unlock a car’s door using keys especially when you have your hands full. This led to the invention of a smart key that automatically unlocks the door when detected at close range. This allows one to just pull the door and enter the car. The smart key system also enhances safety security features of the car. Cars fitted with this technology can only start if the smart key is detected inside the car, hence no stranger would be able to start it. The keyless technology also comes with an amazing feature, a button that is used to start and stop the car’s engine, which adds an aesthetic feature to the car.
Phone Applications Integration Technology
Use of Phone application is on the rise in the society. Car makers have also leveraged on this avenue by developing cars that can be integrated with the applications. Bluetooth connectivity to the phone is an example of such a use. Car owners can listen to music on their phones as well as make and receive phone calls conveniently. High-end cars have been fitted with voice recognition applications. Through this one can initiate calls, ask for direction as well as write text without looking at the phone, allowing you to focus on the road.
The car can also be integrated with traffic management apps. The car integrates the car’s GPS and local traffic management to show the driver roads with the least amount of traffic. Anything that helps reduce the amount of time spent in traffic is always welcome as it helps save time.
Camera Installation
Parking of cars is always a tasking job, especially in tight parking spaces. The fitting of rearview cameras in cars has been a critical advancement in car technology. Looking back while reversing or looking for someone to provide directions from has become a thing of the past. Advancements in the technology have seen the development of 360-degree view camera. This has in turn greatly reduced crashes and promoted easy safe and efficient parking. With an all-around HD view of the car, any object at the front or back of the car can be seen by the driver who is then able to avoid collisions.

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Safety and comfort are the most important factors to consider when doing car selection. Due to this fact car manufacturers are highly investing in their research and development department. This ensures they have the most cutting-edge technologies installed in their car as they try outdo their competitors in sales.

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