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4 Unquestionable Reasons Why The Audi R8 Should Be Your Next Sports Car

Notice just how often you keep spotting the four rings Audi logo on the race tracks today? Racing in Kenya is fast gaining traction.  So grown is the culture that Nairobi was included on the calendar of the Formula One Grand Prix.  One thing all car racers know is a racer is only as good as his car: enter Audis. Audi is one of the oldest, biggest automobiles among the Volkswagen groups.  It has the most varied model lineup of car brands and has produced remarkable cars over the years. The most recent race featuring the car was on 24th may 2018, where the Audi r8 raced a ducati. 

The car was first introduced in the year 2006 and sold more than 1428 cars in 2016 in the UK alone according to Car And Driver. It has a top speed of 199 mph or 316 km/h. When it comes to horsepower, the number to beat is 540. As if that’s not impressive enough, it accelerates from zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds. Audi cars have specifications that have made them dominate in the Le Mans races over the years; taking first place 13 times in 15 years. Another interesting feature is the automobile company has their own insurance cover! If you still are not convinced the following features will have you buckled on the Audi r8 Spyder bandwagon.
The Launch Control
The launch control operates by use of electronic accelerators and computer program software. It makes the car accelerate smoothly while avoiding slipping of the driver’s wheels, overheating, clutch and gearbox problems. Using Audi’s launch control is easy which enables it to compete with the likes of Ducati bikes. One only needs to switch to dynamic mode, turn off traction and stability controls, put the German machine to drive sport-s mode and then launch it. When the brakes are released, the 540 horsepower is sent to all 4 wheels and boom goes the canon. The launch control helped the Audi hit 60 mph in 3.43 seconds in the above mentioned Drag Race.
Insurance Cover
Such a fast machine is an obviously high risk but luckily, the automobile manufacturers have their own cover. Every Audi car comes with a free special cover called Insurance.  Additionally, you have the Audi Motor Insurance. This insurance policy for Audi car owners  covers accident repairs and  legal fees. It also covers any damages to your windscreen or sunroof. The mechanics involved in the repairs are Audi trained technicians who use genuine Audi spare parts. During the repairs, this particular cover ensures you get a courtesy car until you get your own back.
The Car’s Power
The Audi r8 has a twin-turbocharged v10 engine, quattro four-wheel drive and 2 power outputs of 449 kW; 602 hp. It comes with a single frame radiator, agile needed and all sports suspensions. The car is fitted with a 5.2 l engine and a 7 speed, dual-clutch automatic gear. The Quattro engine has a transfer box which is placed on the gearbox and splits power between the front and rear axles and when necessary sends more power to the wheel with more grip. This feature helped the Audi  hit 100 mph 7.72 seconds just slightly after the Ducati’s 6.3 seconds.
Mind-Blowing Technology
When you get behind the wheel of the Audi r8 you feel like Lewis Hamilton in his element. Why so? This is because all functions are driver-oriented and are easy to operate on even at extremely high speeds. The Audi r8 additionally comes with ceramic brake discs, stiffer suspension, shorter gear ratios, fixed carbon rear wing and better ‘Performance’ driving modes. These improvements and advancements ensure a safer, more efficient and satisfying drive, therefore, making Audis ideal for high speeds.

The Audi r8 body is stiff and lighter as it is fitted with carbon fibre and not aluminum. The extra chassis extends security and the exciting feeling one wants when driving it on tracks. What more could you ask for when you have a fast, powerful, sleek, smart car with two, not one, two insurance covers? 

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