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8 Futuristic Car Features

Car ownership has been gradually in the rise. Car ownership is no longer about it getting you from one point to another. High operational costs for the cars and safety lapses showcased by the rise in the number of accidents have necessitated further improvements. Thankfully, advancements made in the technology field have now made this possible. Futuristic car features likened to the ones showcased in fictional movies are being brought to life as we speak. Some, a matter of fact, have already been developed, like the self-parking car features. Below is a list of some of the amazing futuristic car features currently under development that are guaranteed to help improve driving experiences.

Biometric Car Access

Developments in a car’s ignition started with the use of keys followed by push buttons for start and stop. Car manufacturers are now taking it a step further by trying to integrate the use of biometrics. Automobile companies have started leveraging on the use of fingerprints, retinal scans, and facial recognition. Scanners will be installed on car locks enabling owners to access their car only by touching the car or by looking through the window. Touching the car automatically identifies your biometrics and opens the door or starts the engine.
This futuristic car feature gives assurance to the owners in terms of safety. Given the fact that biometrics differ in every individual, stealing cars will almost be impossible.
Car To Car Communication

Advancements in the field of artificial intelligence have helped ensure strides towards the realization of driverless cars are on course. For self-driving cars to be successful cars need to be fitted with sensors that allow them to communicate with each other. This will ensure they can accelerate or brake appropriately in relation to the positions of other cars in their vicinity. This technology is already being tested with current cars. Speeding cars will be able to calculate the distance between them and the car in front of them and if it is too close, the car will automatically brake and stop. This is irrespective of the speed the car was moving at. This futuristic car feature means there will be fewer accidents in the future.
Automatic Parking
For car owners, finding a parking spot can be the most stressful thing when visiting crowded places. At the moment, car manufacturers have developed technology that supports self-parking cars. However, more advancements on this technology are underway. Future cars will not only be able to park themselves, but also find a parking spot all by themselves. Future garages will be able to communicate with the car. This will allow the car to determine the location of an empty spot. The car will then go find the spot autonomously. Once through with your errands, the owner will be able to call back their car with the mere use of a smartphone.
Accident Preventing Airbags

Having an airbag is a must have featured in all cars for safety purposes. That is why new car models come with additional places where airbags are installed each time. The drawback is that they are only deployed after a collision. Future cars being developed will have an advanced airbag system. The future airbags will be able to deploy before the collision happens. The airbags will be installed underneath the car. When car sensors detect an imminent collision, the airbags are deployed. Friction with the ground provides additional braking force in addition to the car’s brakes. This will reduce the collision impact making accidents less fatal.
Remote Vehicle Shutdown

If you watched any James Bond movie, then I am sure you always envied how he was able to control his cars remotely in the movies. Those fictional theories are now not very far away from reality. Integrating cars with smartphones which have certain applications will help make this possible. The technology is currently available in police departments in America and is being used to stop stolen vehicles. It will, however, be a standard most cars will adopt in the future. Once you integrate your car with your smartphone, you as the car owner will be able to stop your car remotely with a button press on your phone.

In the future, cars will no longer be about providing a means of transport. Driving a car will be an experience that seeks to provide comfortability, safety, and convenience. Technological advancements will be key drivers behind the development of all the amazing features mentioned above. 

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