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Top Benefits of auto insurance

Auto Insurance is a
critical piece of the new car buying process, and consumers should review their
auto insurance rates on an annual basis. 2017carmax provides
consumers with
auto insurance
articles, and online auto insurance quotes to find the best insurance provider
for your auto insurance needs.

The minimum amount of
liability coverage you must maintain varies from state to state. But, beware
since each state sets its own “legal” minimums that may or may not provide you
with enough coverage. Beyond these legal minimums, any additional coverage is
purchased at the buyers discretion. The key here is to find a balance betwixt
adequate coverage and overpaying for insurance in order to have peace of mind
for you and your family.

There are several different types of insurance
coverage you’ll come across while shopping the rates. Bodily injury and
property damage coverage are the most common since they’re mandatory in most
states. Many insurers also offer additional coverage with various levels of
financial protection. We’ll get to those in a minute, but there are a few
things you should know first.

General guidelines published by Consumer Reports
suggest a minimum of $100,000 per person for adequate bodily injury liability
and $300,000 per accident, plus $100,000 for property damage liability. Your
insurer would pay these amounts to someone you’ve been involved in an accident
with. Bodily Injury Liability is required in most states and compensates the
driver and passengers of another vehicle you’ve been in an accident with.
Passengers in your vehicle are also covered. Protecting your assets from
lawsuits is the key point behind this coverage. You could get sued even if the
accident is not your fault.

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