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Air fresheners on your car are mostly meant to add an ambiance and scents. A car may have a foul smell due to apparent reasons like extreme weather conditions, pollutants, dust, and so on. There are factors you should consider as you choose your air fresheners like fragrance, aesthetics, space, variety, duration, odor elimination or masking. It’s all great if you enjoy the fragrance of the car air freshener itself. Luckily we got lots of decent variety scents that might fit you.

  1. Air Spencer 

This is simply a fantastic freshener for a whole car. This one has no specific place point like hanging in the mirror or on the cup holder. It has an adjustment mechanism and can be placed anywhere in your car. It consists of a certain light citrus vibe that is popular and powerful. It lasts longer like months and its scent does not fade as time goes. Also, its case is changeable and one can purchase refill packs in squash or citrus.

  1. Little Trees

This mostly suites rideshare vehicles like ubers or taxis drivers. Owning this kind of a car you will definitely invest in a very decent scent to ensure the car smells fresh. They may seem different but Black Ice seems to be the best, due to its longitivity and people pleaser. It’s a neutral one since it is not too much of a perfume than a smell.

  1. Chemical Guys New Car Smell

After long research, it has been difficult to find that unique scent that can match real new car scent.  This is where now chemical guys’ new car air freshener comes in. It is less of perfume based scent as many would prefer. Its pleasant smell eliminates odor trying to mimic the scent found in a brand new car. 

  1. Febreze Unstoppable 

This is one of the most popular and convenient car air fresheners. It lasts relatively longer. Its scent and fragrance seems not too strong thus masking awful odors. Its scent is effective, faster and actually acts immediately upon use.

  1. Ozium smoke and odors eliminator

This air freshener is best suited for smokers. It is highly recommended since it not only masks but also absorbs and effectively eliminates all unpleasant smells. Particularly, it removes smoke caused by cigarettes or strong fragrances from the vehicle. 

  1. Yankee Candle Car Jar

This is yet another air freshener suitable for smokers. Riding a car with smokers is tough and this requires stronger air freshener. This does a good job in removing those smoke smells thus keeping the car fresh. It lasts at least a few weeks and its scent still lingers in a positive fashion.

Car owners should maintain cleanliness to improve the car’s fragrance. They should also avoid big messes altogether and definitely be comfortable. However in case of any mess, advisably go for any above-mentioned air freshener. People vary in preferences about best car air fresheners. Fragrances are highly personal, some delight while some great dismay. It’s about a matter of opinion on effectiveness, long-time and price.

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