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How Sion Cars Are Leading The Way In The Electric Car Revolution

Sono Motors car manufacturing company was founded by Laurin Hahn, Jona Christians, and Navina Pernsteiner in 2016. With the focus of new car models being on performance, engines installed are either v8 or v10’s that consume a lot of fuel. Following the opposite direction, these three founders decided to develop an electric car model called the Sion that does not depend on mineral oils as fuel so as to help reduce emissions. For a solar-powered car, the Sion’s performance is pretty impressive, what with a top speed of 140 km/h and an engine output of 109 hP.

Features Of The Sion
The Sion solar car costs about Ksh 1,800,000. Its affordable price is however not in any way a reflection of its performance. The price was set at that so as to ensure it can be available to as many people as possible. The average price of other electric cars being approximately Ksh 5,000,000, the Sion is considerably cheaper. Furthermore, you can buy used or new cars, including the Sion solar car in the near future, at cheaper than usual prices by finding dealer rebates and incentives.
 The Sion has a length of 4.11m, a width of 1.79m, a height of 1.68m and weighs 1400kg. It comes fitted with a rear wheel drive and single gear transmission. It has a capacity to carry five passengers thus making it ideal for family use. As the company is big on promoting safety when driving,  the car is fitted with passenger and driver airbags, anti-lock brakes, and alarm equipment. The Sion electric car also comes with a warranty and guarantee from Sono motors of two years or after a 10,000km mileage.
The Sion’s Charging Capabilities
The Sion has a battery that costs approximately ksh 473,356 which could be paid for upfront all at once, of course at a discounted price. Alternatively, you could buy it via monthly instalments. A CCS connector system comes with the car. This particular feature can be used to charge its very pricey battery up to 80% in just 40 minutes. Its value cannot be overemphasized as charging the car using the sun’s energy could take say half a day for the battery to be fully charged. Once fully charged, the Sion car can cover 250 km.
Additionally, the Sion is fitted with 330 integrated solar cells. These can recharge its battery thereby allowing it to go for a distance of about 30 km. Visono is the name given to this particular feature. The Sion is also fitted with a Bisono feature. The Bisono allows the car’s battery to be simultaneously charged, at the same time supplying 6,6kw worth of energy. The latter can, in turn, be used to charge another Sion car as well as appliances, as long as their energy usage does not exceed 2,7kw.
The Sono motors company, under its project, the Sion electric car has committed to creating a future with minimal carbon monoxide emissions to the environment. With global warming levels at an all-time high,  car manufacturers need to jump on this zero-emission bandwagon and follow in the footsteps of Sono Motors. They ought to invest more resources in developing electric car models as the world endeavours to encourage the use of clean energy and reduce emissions into the atmosphere. 

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