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How To Fix Your Car’s Heater

There are some steps you can take to examine and fix
your car’s heater in case it is broken. The first thing you should check is the
temperature of the engine. The flow of coolant is restricted by way of thermostat
thermal valve which opens when it’s hot and closes when it’s cold. This helps
cold engines to warm up fast.
When the thermostat becomes worn out, it remains
shut, thus leading to overheating. A worn-out thermostat can prevent the
coolant from getting enough warmth to heat the cabin. Replacing the thermostat
can be a few minutes job.
If the thermostat is in a good condition, the flow
of coolant in the heater core can be restricted by built-up goop. When   the car
the cold, a flush can be done by disconnecting the heater hoses at the water
pump and using the compressed air to push coolant and gunk backward, out the
inlet pipe. Make sure you capture all the old coolant and dispose it off
Repeat that a few rounds by filling the core with tap
water and flushing it out in the same way then refill the core with mixed
coolant and reattach the hoses.

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