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Tesla ambitious goals 2 years earlier than expected

Tesla is way ahead of schedule is meeting one
if its most ambitious goals, the company said on Wednesday business insider.
In a statement  to
, the company said that it will build 500,000 vehicles a
year by 2018.
Previously, the company had said
that it aimed to accomplish this by 2020. However, demand for Tesla’s upcoming
Model 3 was greater than expected and pushed the company to reassess its goals.
The company had about 325,000
reservations for the Model 3 during the first week of taking deposits. The
company has confirmed since then that orders have risen to almost 400,000
The Model 3, of course, is the
Tesla’s first affordable car. Before incentives, the vehicle will start at
$35,000. However, in some states, tax incentives could bring that price tag
down to less than $30,000.

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