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The 2017 Hyundai Genesis Review

The Genesis has been manufactured by Hyundai to enter the class of cars which have a rear wheel drive system and are large and luxurious sedan cars. This car has been made available in two different versions. The cost of the cars is surely going to be a bit pricey however as and when they are finally released for sale.

The look of the car is certainly imposing to the eye. One might find touches in the car inspired by a few other brands like the Aston Martin, the Lexus and the 2017 BMW. The interior of the car is similarly comfortable. You will get three level cushions for all the seats of the car. There is enough space in the legroom available for the passengers in the back. Hyundai has implemented a sunroof in this car. This however reduces the headroom available.
You will find that the interior of the car will have a generous use of Nappa leather. The audio systems of the car contain 17 speakers. With satellite navigation system displayed on a big screen, camera system gives view of all directions. You can also get a system that can recognize the speed limit automatically and will also automatically slow the car down whom approaching speed cameras. The best thing about all these features is that these options will be available on the standard version of the car.
The grille is one of the things that will instantly attract customers to the car and is hexagonal in nature. The lines of the body of the car have been chiseled to increase the visual appeal and the car looks more assertive than before. The interior of the car meets the standards required by a prestige car. It is elegant but a tad generic.
You with get a climate control system along with a system to detect levels of CO2. You can even open the boot of the car remotely thanks to the key recognition system. You just need to wait for a couple of seconds near the boot of the car before it opens up automatically.
Hyundai has ensured that the car meets all the standards set by safety agencies. The car has been tested thoroughly for its safety and it has been found worthy of getting five stars. Even the basic materials used in building the car are of a high quality. The steel that has been used in making the chassis are of a high strength class. It is the same material that the German companies use in making their cars. The wood veneers are made using top notch materials and the fascia inside the car has been made with aluminum.

You get an automatic braking stem and a control system for radar cruising among others. The connectivity options for the multimedia have been made possible with HMI developed by Hyundai. The HMI stands for Human Machine Interface.

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