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THE NEW Renault Fluence

Fluid, inspired, desirable. The new Renault fluence
wastes no time in taking your breath away. Stylish and fluid contours give it a
seamless and uninterrupted flow that’s difficult to replicate. be proud to be
its owner. Front Grille. The Renault logo stands out from its black background
to better convey the new brand identity. 
Technology in the new Renault fluence is multifaceted. it is created to
match the interior
v  LED
Lights. Seduction guaranteed: the LED lights enhance the overall appeal of the
front end.
v  Profile.  The reassuring side panels favor fluid,
energetic lines.

v  Headlamps.
The new headlamps, with an elongated shape create a sharper, more powerful
v  Rear
silhouette.  A new expression of Fluence
personality, the curved rear end suggests robustness and efficiency.
Dual Zone Regulated Air Conditioning. The New
Fluence is all about comfort and quality materials. A refined atmosphere,
regulated according to your personal preferences, will make you feel at home in
this private lounge.  2. Bluetooth®
Connection. Connect your mobile phone to your New Renault Fluence. The wireless
system allows you to connect even when your phone is in your pocket or purse.
The «hands-free» Bluetooth® system will automatically detect your device.  3. Digital Metre Cluster.  Gain in speed and accuracy: the digital meter
cluster is easier to read and offers optimized ergonomics. 4. Automatic Gearbox. 

With the new CVT X-Tronic automatic gearbox,
imperceptible gear shifting will enable smooth, comfortable driving. When
accelerating, the gearbox is responsive and reacts without delay to all your
demands. And always with remarkably low fuel consumption. 5. Renault Hands-Free
Card. Unlocking, ignition and locking when you start moving. Without any key.
Without any effort.

115HP CVT X-TRONIC      
The new petrol engine gathers all the qualities of a
good engine to allow a responsive driving low on emissions and fuel consumption.
With more power output than its predecessor (more 5 hp compared to the 1.6 16V
110 hp engine) and more torque (156 Nm vs. 145 Nm), the heart of the New
Fluence can go from 0-100km/h in 11,9s (2s less than before) .Although the
maximum power of the new engine exceeds the output of the former, fuel
consumption has been improved in 20 percent. The new engine translates into
more autonomy, increased dynamism and better performance all together. Additionally,
a durable timing belt minimizes the overall cost of the engine. The automatic
gearbox CVT X-Tronic also represents an improvement providing more comfort and
dynamism associated with low consumption. The CVT (Continuous Variation
Transmission) technology enables fast and fluid shifting. Therefore, the New
Fluence’s transmission is dedicated to drivers that seek both smooth and intense
driving sensations.   
Renault’s responsible vision involves providing the
most modern and effective passive and active safety systems, regardless of the
equipment level of your vehicle.  With
the New Renault Fluence, take advantage of a comprehensive array of safety
equipment. Renault has developed driver support systems that ensure responsiveness
to all threats and thus help compensate for unforeseen road hazards and driving

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution)
in conjunction with EBA (Emergency Brake Assist). These safety systems make it
possible to maintain control over the trajectory in the event of heavy braking.

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