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Top 10 Vehicles with the Most Loyal Buyers

A research has been done of the most reliable vehicles from the Experian automotive. This has helped to determine the top vehicles buyers like. Their several factors a customer look for when purchasing a vehicle especially for the same type of vehicles is the brand loyalty and also a global brand contentment which helps to know the upgrading of the vehicle. Customer helps an industry to known whether their vehicles are loved by the users and how they can do to improve the vehicle to get competition in the market.
1. Range Rover
The land rover range rover is the best-known vehicles and most of the customers buy it. It has the most competitive and extra SUV segment. Bentley and Maserati are offering luxury SUV space but for the Range Rover it’s outstanding.
2. Nissan Leaf
It’s the vehicle which has the highest percentage of vehicle bought or leased again and again.
3. Lexus RX 350
It’s the most popular vehicle known for over a decade. The customers want more and more of it especially now when it has some change which make it more unique and use friendly.
4. Ram 1500
It has the most upgraded center console connectivity feature and  a phone is mounted. It’s sold under ram trucks as it is a part of dodge lineup of light trucks.
5. Subaru Forester
Apart from the common name Subaru, Subaru forester brands it all as it give the industry the name. Most of customers come for it once more and with their various changes the vehicle is getting a comeback in the market.
6. Kia Soul
As the name state the vehicle comes to replace their soul with a new one. The concept was planned by mike Torpey. It inspired the souls blending of a sloping roof line with a unique rectangular design. The most amazing features of kia soul are its speakers, steeling wheel mounted audio controls and Bluetooth.
7. Hyundai Genesis
Hyundai is a second generation blue link system made its debut in the 2015. Hyundai genesis is prices are fairly priced. It has statelier styling and an all-wheel drive option. The vehicle was named 2015 auto guide car of the year for its look.
8. Mercedes Benz 2500 sprinter van
It comes with varies body styles with seats up to 12. The vehicle features loads of high-tech safety gear. The customers the vehicles for its luxury appeal of a Mercedes.
9. Mercedes Benz S-class
The vehicle was also known as sonder classes created by the German automaker. It’s ranked among the world best selling magnificent vehicle. The S-class has a big number of people who go for it again after they buy it.
10. Lincoln MKZ
This vehicle is loved for its distinct design the latest Lincoln MKZ redesign is gorgeous. It’s also offering more sleek and elegant lines enhancing a stronger sense of power and assurance to its customers. To those customers who are looking for something different in the market Lincoln MKZ is the vehicle to go for. The vehicle has the most sold number of vehicles in the market today mostly in the America.

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