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Understanding the Insane Supercomputer Behind F1 Cars

If you thought you made a lot of decisions throughout your day, be prepared to think again. F1 race cars require top of the line equipment to win each race, and the ECU supercomputer behind Honda’s F1 race car is no different. This machine can monitor over 10,000 sensors over 1 million times each second. At this speed, it gives drivers the ability to maximize power and ultimately win the race. Check out the video below to learn a little more about how an ECU works.
In order to explain how the FI supercomputer works, Jimmy de Ville and  Greg Foot build a crazy contraption with an array of buttons. Jimmy gets behind the wheel of a go-cart, and Greg now becomes the ECU, well, a really slow one at least. By standing by the control board, Greg is acting as the decision maker for Jimmy’s go-cart, and his performance decides if the race is won.
honda racing ECU
This is why the ECU is so important in an F1 race. Without a perfect performance, all of an F1 driver’s skill can go to waste, and the race may be lost. It takes a lot of engineering to win an F1 race, and the ECU is behind it all.

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