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Top 4 Affordable SUV in Kenya

Nowadays, the muscle SUV become more famous, and many politicians, and celebrities choose them to travel around the country. Driving a powerful car with all-wheel drive (AWD) or 4-wheel drive (4WD) is also a symbol of wealth & luxury. Instead of buying a new expensive SUV, Kenyans could choose an affordable SUV from a used car store like CAR FROM JAPAN. The buyer can choose a used SUV in good condition, with reasonable prices from both Western & Japanese car makes.

As usual, Toyota leads the SUV model, outselling every car made in the used SUV segment with the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Land Cruiser VX, etc. Nissan comes with the X-Trail model, and Mitsubishi follows with the Pajero. Honda CR-V is a potential model in the midsize and full-size SUV range. A good choice for a Western car make is the BMW X5; this SUV has a stylish, elegant exterior, a powerful engine, and can be recognized any time on the road.

Let’s take a quick look over all of them to find out the affordable SUV for you.

1. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is the second largest flagship of the Toyota Land Cruiser series. While Land Cruiser VX is quite expensive, you could choose the Prado instead. Toyota Prados have dual-range, full-time four-wheel drive. The Prado is classified as a large SUV, with a lower price. The turbo-diesel engine is more fuel-efficient than the gasoline engine in a Prado, it uses 7.9 liters/100km with the manual gearbox on the test road, and in the real world, we expect to use about 10.5 liters/100km with either gearbox.

Toyota Prado has large third-row seats, it’s comfortable for both passengers and has enough space for large luggage. The air-conditioning is available in all Prado models, and it can cool down both front & rear passengers. 7 airbags are set up in the Prado to protect the passenger: two directly in front of the driver and passenger; a side airbag for each front passenger that protects the upper body; head-protecting curtain airbags covering the front and rear side windows; and an airbag in front of the driver’s knees.

The 4th generation is available since 2009. This generation of Prado features advanced 4WD and an array of electronic gadgets. The engine remained the same, although the automatic gear change points were altered for maximum fuel economy rather than maximum performance, even in Sports mode. You could choose the 4th generation of Prado with a price of 2,800,000 KES.

2. Nissan X-Trail

Since 2001, the Nissan X-Trail has been a great choice in the mid-size SUV market, with reasonable prices. The carmaker from Japan introduces the car with a unique but luxurious look & fuel-efficient. The X-Trail is available in both gasoline and diesel, but the diesel version uses the least fuel. Nissan X-Trail has high ground clearance and a part-time four-wheel drive (4WD) option making it more powerful on tough roads.

Nissan X-Trail has big cabin room for both driver, front & rear passengers. The front seat has plenty of headroom. The third seat row is configurable, so the car has more space for cargo & goods. The X-Trail is safe & reliable, it has 6 airbags: one in front of the driver and passengers, to protect them in frontal crashes; one outside each front seat about chest level to protect in side crashes; and a curtain airbag extending down each side at head level to protect those in the front and second seat rows from side crashes. The car also has stability control, auto braking, etc.

3. Honda CR-V

It’s a Honda Civic with an SUV outlook. Honda uses the Civic platform to develop the Honda CR-V. The CR-V is bigger than other mid-sized SUVs in the market, it’s a comfortable & efficient crossover for 5 passengers. Honda CR-V is available with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, and it’s a medium SUV with a reasonable price.

Nowadays, Honda releases on gasoline engine version of the CR-V. But you could get the diesel by purchasing the used CR-V at CAR FROM JAPAN. The Honda CR-V has 6 airbags to protect the driver & passenger: two directly in front of the driver and front passenger; a side airbag to protect the upper body of each front occupant, and a curtain airbag on each side to protect the heads of front and rear occupants. Besides that, CR-V offers other safety options like reversing camera, seatbelt reminders, daytime running lights, etc. The car has only 5 seats with large cargo space at the rear. The second seat row could be folded for more room.

Kenya buyers could choose the pre-owned Honda CR-V manufactured since 2010 from 1,230,364KES. The car of this generation has more features like anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, traction control, and Vehicle Stability Assist.

4. Mazda CX-5

The CX-5 is a popular compact SUV that offers a combination of style, performance, and features. It is often praised for its upscale interior, engaging driving dynamics, and strong safety ratings. While it may not be the least expensive option in its class, it offers good value for the features and quality it provides. Ultimately, whether the Mazda CX-5 is affordable for you will depend on your financial situation and priorities. It’s recommended to visit a Mazda dealership, explore pricing and financing options, and potentially test drive the vehicle to assess its value and affordability for your specific needs. 

While the price of the new SUV is still too high, buying the second-hand SUV from Japan could be a smart choice. If you want a high-performance SUV but on a budget, a used Toyota Prado or Nissan X-Trail from Japan should be on your list. For more cars, please visit our SUV stock list to find the most affordable SUVs for you.

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