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Subaru Outback Towing Capacity – All You Need To Know

Crossovers are a blend of features of SUVs and the passage vehicle. These vehicles are versatile and beautifully constructed for one’s convenience. When it comes to adventures, nothing could fit the bandwagon better than the Subaru Outback. To add the fun, trailers, ATVs, or even boats can be towed along. If worried about the Subaru Outback towing capacity, here’s the much-needed information.

Facts Related To Subaru Outback Towing Capacity

Whether on a trip on the planes or up the mountains, you can tow some extra load behind your Subaru Outback. Wondering how much can a Subaru Outback tow? Read on, to find out.

1. Subaru Outback towing power

For a surprise, the towing capacity of Subaru Outback is nearly 2700 pounds, or you could say 1800 kg. The engine of a Subaru Outback supports a 2.5L-inline 4-cylinder engine. An engine of such capacity is capable of generating 175 hp and 174 lb-ft of torque. The SUV has a low-mounted engine that the vehicle uses to maintain its balance down the road by spreading power equally to all the four wheels.

Subaru also supports a 3.6L engine with a flat 6 cylinder. This version is capable of generating 256 hp and 247 lb-ft of torque. Both systems transfer power via a continuously variable transmission. No matter what engine capacity you choose, the Subaru Outback towing capacity is nearly the same.

2.  The added towing safety features

The Subaru Outback has been a revolutionary model when it comes to safety. For proof, it has been rated 5-star by the NHTSA. Subaru Outback also garnered the Top Safety Pick+ title by the IIHS. In case you are anywhere skeptical about towing heavy weight on your Subaru Outback, you need to review your opinion.

The SUV has embedded stability control, eight airbags, and even anti-lock brakes for passenger safety. There also comes an EyeSight suite of safety features for the Subaru Outback, but choosing it is optional. The thing is; the inbuilt safety features are nowhere less when avoiding obstacles is a necessity while towing.

3. No compromise with comfort and space

If you think that the towing capability compromises the interior space and comfort, you are wrong. The SUV is built to be spacious enough to make space for the passengers and the load too. Be it the headspace or the leg room; Subaru Outback makes sure your driving experience is worth it!

For a record, the 2018 version of Subaru Outback comes with 35.5 cubic feet of load capability. Even the folding and unfolding of seats is convenient. Especially, the 2020 Outback is equipped with a new suspension system, lighter in weight and more responsive. In particular, the MacPherson front suspension with new springs, lower arms made of aluminum, and a hollow stabilizer bar measuring 23 mm. Double-wishbone rear suspension with subframe, coil springs, and 19mm stabilizer bar. The car has a ground clearance of 221 mm, significantly larger than many crossovers and SUVs in the same size range.

Depending on the configuration, the Subaru Outback is equipped with 10-way electrically adjustable front seats with integrated heating/ventilation function, a 3-spoke steering wheel also with integrated heating capability, 4 additional USB charging ports, and 02 power sockets. 12V, Wifi connection, sound system with 12 Harman Kardon speakers. The luggage compartment is up to 2,140 liters when folding the second row of seats.

In short, you’ll not feel any riding discomfort just because an extra load is being towed behind the vehicle. You could also refer to car review for a detailed review of Subaru Outback.

Wrapping Up

Keep no doubts in mind! If you are an adventurous soul, choosing Subaru Outback for towing needs would be a smart choice. With the exceptional Subaru Outback towing capacity, you are sure to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Plan a trip and get going; a fun-filled experience is on the way!

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