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Finding The Best Car GPS: What You Must Check

Considering the fact that the GPS market could offer multiple options for car, it’s strongly recommended that you don’t make you purchase randomly. You might waste a lot of money on a less than ideal product if you simply buy on a whim. In most of the case, you have to thoroughly assess the following criteria before you could make up your mind.  Different people would have different taste, the model that you feel to be the best GPS for car might seem mediocre in other people eyes.

1. Price

As always, the shopping budget plays a very important role. You need to keep your financial ability in mind no matter what while searching for the best GPS for car. Overall, it’s totally possible for you to get super cheap GPS devices but the rule “You get what you pay for” remains true here.  There is a noticeable link between the acquisition cost and the performance of a particular product, dirt cheap examples would not have top notch features. So if you want to get something that could hold itself together on the road, prepare to spend serious money. However, if you have rather simple travel demands, there is no need to go for top-of-the-line models.

2. Map

It goes without saying that the value of GPS devices would be largely decided by the accuracy of its map. Generally speaking, preloaded maps work great but remember that the road changes all the time and often without any warning.  Traveling with outdated maps would cause a lot of trouble to your trip planning so ensure that the model you get offers free regular updates. Moreover, you probably need to swap out maps every once in a while and that is why your GPS must accept SD/Micro SD cards. Such a feature would allow you to get around even when you are in areas with little to no signal.

3. Screen

The most common reason that makes people search for the best GPS to car is that they are tired of struggling with all the tiny icons/instructions on their phones.  As a result, the screen size of the GPS is among the first things you need to exam and inspect. The screen should be big enough to let you see the directional guidance with a glance but it must also not get in your way. Many modern-day GPS utilizes a 5-inch display but there are variants that have a 4-inch, 6-inch or 7-inch display. Aside from the size, pay attention to the screen brightness as well and determine whether it’s good enough for travels in low light conditions.

4. Battery

GPS for car often depend on the vehicle 12-Volt outlet for energy but you likely need the outlet for other tasks from time to time. It’s extremely frustrating to see your GPS to run out of juice all of the sudden when you are in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, the best GPS for car must be able to run for a reasonable amount of time on its own battery without any substantial interruption. For most of the time, you should prioritize models that employ lithium-ion batteries as they have excellent battery life compared to other market products. Certain examples are even capable of working for up to 6 hours with a full charge.

5. Feature

Aside from its primary guidance function, the best GPS for car need to make your travel smoother and more enjoyable. You should see able to see how the device accomplishes that simply by checking out the features that it possesses. Namely, the must-have features include voice-activated navigation, audible notification, wireless connectivity, hand-free control along with many others. In theory, the more features a model got, the more versatile it becomes but you should beware of complex examples. It’s useless to have so many redundant features that you could not fully utilize.

Integrated GPS Vs Standalone GPS

Don’t want to stick a blocky device to the windshield or the dash of your car? Then integrated GPS devices are definitely for you. Modern infotainment systems tend to feature excellent built-in GPS navigation but it’s also a choice when it comes to high-end aftermarket refit. That being said, integrated GPS devices are very expensive and they could not be readily removed without requiring specialized tools.  On the other hand, standalone GPS examples are fairly mobile and most of all, you could purchase them at a more or less acceptable price. Take your travel situation into account and you should be to decide which type of GPS device suits you more.

Benefits Of Having GPS Device

1. Access To Roadside Assistance Service

Have to travel through sparsely populated regions where auto shops are few and far between? If that is so then it’s handy to have a GPS that let you call roadside assistance if something goes wrong without any warning. Whether your gas tank is empty or you experience a flat tire, GPS devices could get you help in just a blink of an eye. Through the GPS device, people would be to get to you quickly and help you get back on the road.

For people that must travel long distance by themselves, such a benefit is highly appreciated.

2. Prevent Potential Break-Ins/Thefts

Car thieves is a constant worry for vehicle owner but with best GPS for car, you should be able to travel with peace of mind. Once criminals notice that your car is equipped with a solid GPS system, they tend to look for other targets. In the unlucky case that your car is nonetheless stolen, all you have to do is to get to the police station and require assistance. Through the onboard GPS, law enforcement officers could pinpoint the exact location of your car which facilitates the retrieval process. Outfitting your vehicle with a GPS device is a great way to ensure its safety.

3. Reduce Many Car Related Costs

No matter how careful you are, accidents might happen and that is why people often consider insurance to be essential. In most of the case, ordinary insurance providers offer a lower rate for vehicles that have a GPS device installed. As long as the system is legit, the vehicle should be substantially less vulnerable to illegal acts and so on. Therefore, you could save a lot of money when it comes to insurance expense by acquiring the best car GPS. Aside from that, since you could quickly get to your destination thanks to the GPS assistance, less money would be used on refueling the tank.

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