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It is advisable ensuring that your car is equipped with all the essentials and emergency tools, every time, no matter the situation. Below list, will keep your car running, and assist you deal with any unforeseen obstacles on roads. They are not just suggestions as you may see, but absolute safety requirements. 

  1. Owner’s Manual

This manual usually is from the manufacturer of your car. It covers important information, default and basic uniqueness to your vehicle. It may not necessarily help you fix a problem but the clarification in it comes in handy at times.

  1. License, Registration and  Insurance

Whenever you are driving your car, license, registration and insurance should always be intact. Those with stickers should be considered according to the law. Mostly it’s ignored especially the insurances after renewal. 

  1. Jumper cables

 Having quality booster cables and practicing jumpstarting a battery of your car is important. However, with the trends, you would also need emergency battery booster to avoid being dead for long waiting for help from passersby. Most of the countries that experience winter periods, cars battery may drain even faster thus requiring jumper cables and battery boosters all the time.

  1. A spare Tire

A spare tire comes in handy after a tire suddenly swooshes on the road. This is one of the must haves in a car.

  1. Tire Jack

 Always have a jack and a lug wrench since they all go together in case you are replacing a tire. It will ease lifting the rear or front part of the car as you fit the spare tire.

  1. Tire pressure gauge

There have been tubeless tires lately, thus making it difficult to understand your tires pressure by just a look.  Having a portable tire pressure gauge will encourage checks and become a routine thus prolonging your tires lifespan.

  1. Soft Cloth

It’s advisable to carry a soft and dry piece of cloth. This comes in handy when the car starts looking messy from inside or any occurrence of discomfort. 

  1. First Aid Kit

This is the topmost must have item in your car. Life has a way of unexpected scraps especially when you have children along, thus much more convenient having medical essentials.

  1. Reflective Triangle

This is a safety essential that you put around your vehicle when you’ve pulled it over on a highway for a prolonged time. You usually put an emergency indicator to enhance visibility for ongoing traffic.

  1. Flash light

Having a tactical flashlight is important mostly for those maintenance moments in the dark. Don’t be dazed and confused in the dark.

  1. Duct Tape

Always have this roll in your car toolbox. It is versatile and strong. It works great due to its moisture-resistant backing thus reducing threats.

  1. WD-40{Multi-purpose Solvent}

This lessens the struggles of loosening your nuts or bolts. It frees up sticky mechanisms

  1. Multi-Tool

This carries a variety of small tools like screwdrivers that are all important in multiple situations.

  1. Phone Charger or Cable

Your car has a battery utilized even to charge your phone. Along with your day activities, you shouldn’t get furious about low phone battery.

  1. Cleaning Supplies

 Mostly you find the door knobs, and dashboards too unbearably dirty thus using these supplies to absorb dust leaving them clean.

  1. Car Hammer

It’s much easier breaking a window and escape with the same hammer as an emergency escape tool. It is mostly attached with a seatbelt cutter.

  1.  Warm Gear

Lately weather is so unpredictable and it’s advisable to always keep warm essentials in the car.

In conclusion, it’s the responsibility of any driver to consider these essentials. You may never know which situation you will get trapped in.

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