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2017 Acura MDX Changes and Rumors

Did you know that the Acura MDX has been Honda’s longest selling luxury car?
Actually, this is not surprising at all: a look at this practical sporty SUV is enough to understand why this is so. First launched in 2000, the Acura MDX offers a great combination of power, quality, and comfort.
The 2017 Acura MDX will keep the best aspects of its predecessors intact, like the traditional 3 row setup, while adding many new changes. 

In the new variant, you will find all features that every premium model must have, plus a stylish sporty design.

Honda will release a refreshed model in 2017, which will make the new Acura MDX one of the better-looking SUVs in the market. Let us take a look at what additions will feature in the latest variant of Acura MDX.
Engine Specs
There is no official news regarding the engine and its variants. While Honda is expected to make some announcement in this regard in coming months, reliable source report that the latest Acura MDX will feature a 3.5 liter engine (V-TEC and V6 cylinders). This engine model is expected to offer maximum power of 290 HP and maximum torque of 267 lbs-ft. 
For sure, Honda will offer more variants, but to know what they will be, we would have to wait for an official announcement.
Exterior & Interior
The new Acura MDX will have a few significant changes in design and architecture, like the following ones:
·        The car will feature a new, more effective hood design. This will not only improve the aerodynamics but also the look of the car.
·        There will be new basic lines to lend its exterior a sharp and more aggressive look.
·        The new variant will come with new tail lamps and improved spoiler to make the rear more visually-appealing.
Honda is expected to make changes to the interior of MDX too, especially in the dashboard region. The new model will have new upholstery; a better, updated infotainment control module; an upgraded central console; and enhanced navigation module. In addition to these changes, the 2017 Acura MDX will have updated connectivity as well as audio systems. 


Release Date & Price
Good things in life don’t come cheap—and the new Acura MDX, which is expected to be one of the best looking SUV, surely will not come cheap. The base model will have a $44,000 price tag on it. The premium version, on the other hand, is priced at $57,8000.
As of now, there’s no news from Honda about the release date of new Acura MDX. An update on this is expected to come in the third quarter of 2016, which might well mean a launch in next summer. Consumers, however, will probably not be able to get their hands on this baby until the third quarter of 2017.

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