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7 Reasons Your Next Car Should NOT Be An SUV

Sports Utility Vehicle or an SUV is a pretty popular car segment in India. It has a huge market not only in India but overseas too. They are big vehicles that can comfortably accommodate many people and a decent size of cargo as well.

Most SUVs come with a 4 wheel drive, which means better handling and off-road fun. There is no doubt that an SUV is a tough car. They are good for highways but not the best set of wheels in the city. Every once in a while, can spot an SUV holding up traffic in a narrow urban road.

There are many SUV lovers out there. But the question is, are SUVs overrated? With a great line of SUVs set to hit the Indian market next year, it is tempting to consider buying one of these. Today, we have decided to be the devil’s advocate. We will tell you why you should not buy an SUV.

If SUV is what you like, it’s totally fine. But just hear our side too before buying the car. Isn’t it better to get the entire picture before taking a major life-altering decision?

SUVs are BIG 

  1. Even though this might come as an advantage for many, the big frame of the car can cause a couple of problems too. One, you are more likely to be stuck in traffic for long stretches of time. Two, finding a place to park this huge car would be a task. And in most cases, parallel parking would totally be out of the question. If you live in the city, amid the roaring traffic and the crowded streets SUVs might not be a very practical car to drive around.

2.      Not the best for commuting

SUVs can fit a lot of people. They have plenty of room. If you are carpooling, SUVs are okay for work. But in case you are driving solo, commuting to work or school every day in an SUV is simply inefficient. Travelling by yourself with little to no gear means, all the extra room would be for nought.

3.      Fuel efficiency is a letdown

Most of the SUVs you come across would have appalling fuel efficiency. Since they are big cars, they would need a lot more gas. This means with the oil prices rising, you would have to spend a lot on fuel for your SUV. You might have to empty out your bank account to fill that fuel tank. Better chuck the thought of buying a heavy and bulky SUV. Go for a sedan or a hatchback instead.

Infamous for flipping

Another one of the problems you see in an SUV is that they can fare badly in an accident. Aside from the exorbitant insurance premiums charged on an SUV, they are 3 times likely to flip over.

Since SUVs are around 70 inches high and have loftier ceilings they also face a greater risk of rolling over. Don’t let their bigger chassis fool you. They aren’t much safer than a regular car.

The cost of purchasing an SUV

However, emissions won’t be much of an issue if you go for an electric or hybrid SUV. Many big wigs are rolling out there best-selling SUVs in EV variant this 2021. If you still think SUV is still the way to go, you can buy any of these. But remember that in most cases electric vehicles have a greater asking price.

Parts would need frequent replacements

A bulky 6000-pound car is going put a lot of pressure on its components. In the case of an SUV, brakes would wear away sooner and so would the rubber. Since the tyres would have to carry all the weight of this massive vehicle, they would be worn out soon. You would have to invest in new tyres every now and then. The same goes with the brake pedal. Since more friction is needed to get an SUV to stop, the brakes would become uneven or would simply wear out. We can assure you that an SUV is not a low maintenance ride.

That said, SUVs have some benefits as well. It is the unchallenged family vehicle of all time without looking like one. They are spacious. SUVs are the best if you have kids. They have a vast trunk capacity and can weather be it heat, cold, rain or snow. Besides they are good performers in all terrains.

But we repeat, SUVs are not for those jet setters who live in the cities. SUVs simply are not for a tarred road and can become unstable. It is anything but a city car.

Everyone is making some trade off or the other every day. Just make sure you decide what you want and what you don’t mind giving up. So it is better to consider all your options before buying a car this new year. List out all the reasons why you are getting a car. Be sure to buy the kind of car that checks most of them off.

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