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Identifying the best quality car covers to deal with Mother Nature’s ruinous forces, is crucial. Though designed to insulate and protect, not all are created with the same exacting standards. Some are designed as waterproof and breathable, others with multi-layers with scratch resistance, and some are meant for indoor storage and rest protection from U-V reflections. A cover protects and maintains the vehicle’s appearance thus valuable in case of resale. Some of the factors to consider before buying covers vary in weather, either the sun, dust, snow, hail, rain, indoor kept or outdoor. Below are some of the cars covers researched and tested.

  1. Seal Skin Supreme Car Cover

Seal skin is durable, having been made of multi-layer fabric material. This engineering gives it a waterproofing ability and makes it breathable. It is preferred due to its excellent weather protection. Within the market, it neither is model-specific and known of no rips nor tears for long.

  1. Budge RSC-3

Budge covers are made of soft stretch outer layers and elastic hem thus breathable. This means the cover dries faster preventing any mildew or mold formation.It fits your car well and it is easy to install and remove. They are the best covers for your indoor vehicles all over the market. It also consists of a high-quality design that offers U-V protection and against airborne pollution.

  1. Motor Trend SafeKeeper

This car cover is made of six layers consisting of an outer breathable film, waterproof sealant layer, EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate, PE (enhanced polyethylene), inner scratch–proof fleece lining, and particle filter film layer. It is simply made to cover or handle any weather condition. The quality protects the car from moisture build-up as well as protects it from UV rays. It is multi-layers design makes the cover the best among the rest in the market.

  1. Platinum Shield Car Cover

This is the best car cover based on the strength of its material. This cover consists of a weatherproof outer layer and soft inner layer thus suiting indoor purposes as well as outdoor. It is made specifically for a particular model and is also easier to use. Its construction is high quality guaranteed with U-V resistant materials. This one offers no tampers to the car’s paint job and prevents it from moisture buildup. It’s the most preferred cover prone to tearing and durable as compared to other leading options.

  1. Covercraft Custom Fit Car Cover

This is one of the most famous brands in the covers industry. It is purely made of polyester with a velvety underside touch thus keeping a pristine paint look. Having a leaky garage might not affect the paint job since it’s water-resistant. It is recommended due to its quality and durability.

  1. Favoto Hatchback Car Cover

This particular car cover is heavy-duty, made of five layers that are windproof and water resistant. The cover has a driver-side zipper seam easing accessibility to the cabin without having to remove the entire cover. It also consists of reflective stripes on the front as a guide as to which end is which even in dark.

Whenever it comes to all car covers, the material becomes the first factor to be considered. Then where you live and store it is also important. This will help you to choose the best material cover to protect your car any day, any time.

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