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 A car lift is designed to lift your vehicle high enough off the floor to provide easy access and allow you to work underneath the car. They are simply all about convenience thus easier to work on the car more comfortably and ergonomically. Different car lifts are made to suit different needs. Some of the factors to consider before you purchase one are purposes, capacity, the feature of your garage, the type of vehicle to be lifted, brand reputation, safety features, and price and warranty. The following are some of the best car lifts available in the market one can buy.

  1. A-plus lift

This is a two–post lift that is considered to be safe and durable. It protects both you and your car. This lift is constructed to be strong, thus enabling it to lift heavier vehicles like trucks and SUVs. It also has a built-in power pump to prevent overloading. The lift is composed of truck adaptors and screw pads which is extremely versatile and can be used for all vehicles.

  1. Quick Jack

This automotive car lift is of high quality, portable, easily stored, and set up beneath cars that sit low to the ground. Despite its high weight capacity, it is a very easy lift to assemble and operate. The lift is also modified with a large number of accessories like, a crossbeam adapter, low-profile blocks, pinch weld pucks, truck adapter kit, frame extensions, and wall hangers just at a low additional cost.

  1. The Triumph Model

This is the most and best-selling four-post car lift in the season. It is the safest and steadiest with reasonable features all over the market. It has a very high lifting capacity thus more than plenty in a garage. This lift’s power unit leaves decent space to store below it and convenience while accessing on the underside of the top vehicle. This lift works really well, and the caster allows easier movement and repositioning.

  1. Bendpack MD-6XP

This lift raises your vehicle by opening up a scissor configuration. It gives considerable access to the vehicle’s chassis though limits space underneath. It is considered as the best in the market due to its ability to lift most cars and light trucks.

  1. Bendpak 10AP

Unlike the scissor–style lifts, this lift does not obstruct access to your car’s undercarriage. This lift uses telescoping arms for accurate fitting as you raise the car. It is mostly suitable during basic maintenance at the garage like oil changes and tire swaps. It is a portable one and offers complete access to the vehicle in whatever service may be ongoing.

  1. Dannmar Maxjax –Mid Rise

If height or portability is your concern, then Dannmar is probably your best choice. This car lift is constructed with a unique and portable two-post design. It offers a maximum height, which is more convenient for any servicing. It’s composed of quick connectors, that speed up the assembly and lifting process and a steel piston that prevents any possible oil leakages. Its total capacity is usually more than enough to work on cars; SUVs and pick-up tracks. 

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